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Welcome to the Terra Linda High School | Class of '72 Message Forum.

The message forum is an ongoing dialogue between classmates. There are no items, topics, subtopics, etc. All you need to do is type in a message and others can respond.


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08/18/18 10:01 AM #164    


Matthew Bushong

Mike Allen, Don McCarthy and I visited with Dennis Rogers at University of Washington Medical Center the last two days.  Everything started out fine but compications caused a serious down trend.  I miss him terribly already.  Matt

08/18/18 10:06 AM #165    


Jay Butterfield

Condolences to Dennis' family and all of us who knew him over the years.  I always rememeber his positive attitude and dry sense of humor in JrHi/High School.  

08/18/18 10:33 AM #166    

Ava Talamantez (Cartwright)

I'm so sad to hear about Dennis. May he rest in peace.

08/18/18 11:09 AM #167    


Don McCarthy

It is so sad about Dennis.  He was always so up beat with a smile on his face. I was glad Matt Bushong. Mike Allen and I got to see him his last two days.  RIP my oldest friend.  You are missed.  Don McCarthy

08/18/18 12:20 PM #168    

Mike Allen

Dennis was truly a great guy.  A loving husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend.  This mornings been tough as I remember all the great times we had with Dennis, Don Mccarthy, Matt Bushong, Dan Shirley, Pete Thornton, Stu Spencer, Todd Young and others.  I'm glad Don, Matt and I had one last time with Dennis and his family at the end.  I'm not religious, but I did say a few prayers for a miracle.  I guess nobody was listening.  You left too soon.  Dennis, you were an inspiration and I'll miss you. 

08/18/18 01:45 PM #169    


Karen Amandoli (Seppi)

I am so sorry . Dennis was such a great guy. Always kind . May he rest at peace. Prayers to his family...

08/18/18 02:29 PM #170    


Daniel Inman

He was always a friendly easy-going guy in high school. The world is a lesser place losing people like that. My sympathies to his friends and family. 

08/18/18 02:58 PM #171    


Debbie Sutton (Elias)

So sad....my condolences to Dennis's family and friends. May he rest in peacešŸŒ¹

08/19/18 03:09 PM #172    


Todd Young

Dennis ws a good friend and also a roommate for awhile in Terra Linda-Mike Allen was a part of the trio-fun times-So sorry to hear about Dennis a good man and always had a sport question for me in high school-that i was able to answer-ha miss him--rest in peace my friend-

08/19/18 07:27 PM #173    

Tom Dawson

Sorry to here the news about Dennis, it was great to see him at the reunion. RIP Dennis

08/20/18 01:38 PM #174    


Andy Mora

Sorry to hear of the passing of Dennis , always hung out to talk sports , liked being with the team. Great manager. RIP Buddy

08/22/18 06:31 PM #175    


Stewart Spencer

I can't say how sorry I am to hear about our old friend passing. It's comforting to know Don, Matt and Mike were there. I wish I could have been there too. Whatever works GOD had planned for Dennis have been completed and he has been called home. My thoughts and prayers to Mary and the rest of the family.

08/23/18 12:01 PM #176    


Cheri Adolph (Scannell)

So sad to hear about the loss of another classmate. Sincere condolences to his family. 

08/24/18 01:16 PM #177    

Mike Sabel

Liz and I are very saddened by the passing of Dennis. I’ve known him and his brother since we were kids and he called me and others in the area The Marinwood boys. In 1982 I transferred to a tiny town in Washington and a few weeks later while attending church I looked up to see Dennis in the next pew small world. We were able to catch up on each other’s lives and spend time together. Liz and I are grateful for that time. He was the nicest most honest person I have ever met or known.



08/28/18 10:13 PM #178    

Carolyn Chew (Loew)

Link to Dennis’s obituary :  https://www.flintofts.com/obituary/Dennis-E.-Rogers/Seattle-Washington/1811704.  

09/28/18 09:15 AM #179    

Carolyn Chew (Loew)

Please join me in sending our condolences and prayers to Jim Kellogg and his children for the lost of his wife Wendy.  Wendy waged a five year battle against metastatic breast cancer and left to be an angel yesterday.  

09/30/18 06:43 PM #180    


Teresa Gallagher (Hill)

gosh, I did not know Jim in h.s. But got acquainted with him and had a wonderful visit with him this last yr and a sweet visit with his wife, Wendy. She was lovely and they a sweet couple. Ironically my older sister, Bridgit, & her hubby are very close friends of Jim & Wendy’s. Thus....we connected. Very heartbreaking to loose Wendy and such a lovely family and wonderful person Jim is. 

10/25/18 12:19 PM #181    


Keith Rautio

Hey you all oldies but goodies.  What are you doing now?  We are all of age for retirement...but have you stopped?  Write a short description of what is happening with your life...I'll start.

I did 27 years in the Army...retired...and then work with the Defense Intelligence Agency for about 20 years.  I got pull into a contractor job in Vicenza, Italy.  I lived here about 28 years about when I was active duty.  I'll be here until I get tired of Italy...


Who's next?


10/25/18 04:34 PM #182    

Ava Talamantez (Cartwright)

Hi Keith, good to hear from you. Did I read right, that you live in Italy?! I was lucky to spend about 4/5 months in Italy as an 18 year old and loved it, hope to go back and visit again. As for me, not retiring anytime soon, over the last 8 years (in January) I've been working as the Office Manager for the Tug McGraw Foundation at the Veterans Home of California in Yountville. Love my position and the mission, never know what my day will be like. Some days are just in the Brain Food Garden working with the veterans, chickens, vegetables and flowers, others days I'm in playing softball with the veterans, and then of course there are days in the office. Husband is retired so he helps in the garden. Unfortunately he'll be going in for back surgery this Nov. so he'll be out for about 3 months. 

Hope you'll be heading our way for our 50th.

Take care, stay in touch.

All my best to you and your wife.

10/27/18 02:33 PM #183    


Fernando Teixeira (Nica)


Hi Keath and Ava.

Maybe you don’t know but I’m an Architect and worked in my area until 98. From 99 on, my wife and I run a language school in Rio. Lately in 2016 I retired and we started with a Laser Hair Removal Clinic. Now we have five. I’ll really make it to the 50th Reunion. Please keep me updated, Ava.

Best wishes.




10/28/18 09:00 AM #184    


Cheri Adolph (Scannell)

Well I don’t live in Italy and, in fact, have never been. But happy that after 35 years as a medical assistant, I will likely be retiring in 2019. Currently have dropped down to a 3 day work week which is lovely. Just waiting for the boss to pull the plug at this point.  We left Marin in 2001 to by a place with a little property in Petaluma and have been here ever since. Also looking forward to the 50th and will, hopefully be of some help to Ava in the planning. 

10/28/18 04:42 PM #185    


Steve Fassio

Hi Keith,

Louise (Irish) and I were in Venice back in May 2018. We had a wonderful time. You are so lucky to spend time in such a great country. Some of our favorite places were Assisi, Orvieto, and Sorrento.

We just celebrated our 14th anniversary this month. Life has been fun up here in Oregon. It's a beautiful state but it's time for a new adventure.  We'll be relocating to the Reno area next Spring. Reno provides us the opportunity to be closer to family and friends.

Louise worked in Landscape Design and Estimating in California until we moved to Oregon in 2012. We live in a very small community that was establshed in 1847. It's quaint, quiet, and very historic. Some homes date back to the Gold Rush era.

I retired from a large public utility in Eugene back in May 2017. I was a Computer System Administrator for their water distribution system. Before that I spent 5 years in the Navy, 15 years in corporate America, and then the last 17 years in civil service. I've lived in 7 states and worked in 40. It's been a good ride so far...... and looking forward to the next chapter.

Best regards,

Steve & Louise




10/30/18 05:37 AM #186    


Jana Hirsch (Lawrence)

I love hearing from TL friends* I realized I was in Italy in 1971* Florence, Venice & Rome* traveled by bus & train* perfect trip & a great time to go! Was with other people my age & they knew we were a Americans cuz of our jeans. New big fad • loved the ‘disco’ in Rome* WOW* danced our asses off all night! I actually traveled all over Europe for 6 weeks staying on university campuses in London & Paris learned so much history & created many memories!?! GREAT beer in London * had a lot of peas* missed having milk because not available (lack of refrigerattion)* met my pen pal from Brownies 7or 8 yrs old in Frankfurt Germany! Only 2 credit cards were around ~ Dinners & American Express *!*  thanx for letting me reminisce & share•*•*•~

   Everyone  enjoy everyday • blessed be*

04/30/20 06:33 AM #187    


Mike Zink

I just thought I would post a light hearted comment during all of this pandemic situation. 

We have four classmate birthdays all on the same day, 4/30/54. 

What the heck was going on in August 1953?  It must have been a great summer!

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

Best Regards, Mike Zink

05/01/20 08:37 AM #188    


Kathe Kaeppel (Poteet)

Leave it to you to "do the math"! lol

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