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Welcome to the Terra Linda High School | Class of '72 Message Forum.

The message forum is an ongoing dialogue between classmates. There are no items, topics, subtopics, etc. All you need to do is type in a message and others can respond.


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05/01/20 11:49 AM #189    


Jon Dorsey

Now those 4 can collect social security!!

07/14/20 04:31 PM #190    

Mark Jones

07/14/20 04:34 PM #191    

Mark Jones

After our six week adventure in Italy late last year where I asked Connie to be my wife. We got married March 1st.  What an amazing start to an new beginning 

07/15/20 08:12 AM #192    

Ava Talamantez (Cartwright)

Congratulations Mark. Wishing you all the best in your new adventures. Stay safe.

07/15/20 04:55 PM #193    


Marcie Neiger (Camacho)

Congratulations Mark!!!

Hope everyone is well! Who would have thought we would be living in a pandemic sci-fi film.  I have always felt that where I work in SF, it is Blade Runner (original film) come to life. But this is even stranger. My thoughts are meant as fun.


Marci Camacho and Don too (Novato)

07/16/20 10:14 AM #194    

Mark Jones

Thank you Ava and Marcie,

Strange time to be alive for sure. Gives us a chance to stop and appreciate all there is and be grateful for all we have. Life is truely so short.


07/16/20 10:23 AM #195    


Elizabeth (Liz) Barron (Sabel)


Congratulations to you both ~ much happiness!


12/09/20 09:53 AM #196    

Abby Goldman (Brody)

Sad to hear about DJ Lenhart's passing. In my memory, he was not only one of the coolest kids on campus, but one of the nicest, too. 

12/09/20 12:35 PM #197    


Keith Rautio

To everyone is in the United States, please wear your masks and recognize that this COVID danger is real.  If not for yourself, limit the danger if you have it and prevent the spread to other people.

I am living in ground zero of Italy.  They are adhering to the rules here to prevent the spread.  Don't fight the preventive measures!  Where did it come from?... Evidence points to China...don't believe false news...fight china!

Good luck to you all.

Your classmate

Keith Rautio

02/14/21 08:57 AM #198    

Mike Sweeney

Happy Birthday, Ava, the Valentine baby!  You continue to be an inspiration to so many of us, Enjoy your day and the coming year which I hope and trust to be better than the last. Mike



02/16/21 09:33 AM #199    


Luana Whitney (Navarro)

Happy Birthday, Ava.  Thanks for all that you do!  I wish you good health and many blessings in the upcoming year.  Luana



10/16/21 11:59 AM #200    

Ava Talamantez (Cartwright)

I thought it would be nice to put our classmate's adventures into the class forum so if anyone wanted to comment or ask questions, this is the place where conversations can take place.

Haven’t really traveled much but a 10 day guided, catered, beach camping and kayaking trip to Baja in 2019 was my favorite vacation ever.
- Cheri Adolph (Scannell)
I was a flight attendant with World Airways. We made many trips in the mid to late 70s to Hong Kong, to do the baby lifts leftover from the Vietnam war . It made me realize how great the great πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Is !!!
- Karen Amandoli (Seppi)
Steve and I have visited Rwanda twice to participate in medical mission work. The country and its people stand out as the most beautiful we have seen. Visiting a reconciliation village, where Tutsis and Hutus live side by side after being through the worst episode of genocide since WWII, was an amazing experience.
- Diana Bergheer (Gordon)
I recently traveled to London, Liverpool, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. When visiting London, I toured Westminster Abbey, walking along the Thames, and visiting Abbey Road Studios neighborhood. Traveling to Liverpool, I toured all the places where The Beatles started and lived. I was even invited to play Paul McCartney's piano! Stockholm is a very beautiful city of islands. Fresh air, beautiful waterways, and amazing tours of castles and museums. Finally, Copenhagen. A very historic city that is full of museums and waterfront restaurants. A wonderful trip I'll always treasure.
- Jeff Ray
I have two memorable places I have traveled and both are special to me for different reasons. I will tell you about one for now. In my early 20s, I moved to Hawaii with a friend and within a week of our arrival, we had jobs and an apartment. I stayed for a year and was able to visit most of the outer islands and through my job live on Maui for a month. I met so many wonderful locals who welcomed me into their lives and shared their culture with me. The crystal clear warm ocean, the beaches, the gorgeous plants and fragrant flowers, sun showers on my face, the music, the language, and the gracious culture and people I met were an unforgettable experience that I cherish.
- Linda Engstrom (Ancic)
It's not the places themselves as much as what was happening that made for so many cherished times, too many to pick, so here's a shortlist for you in case I can't make it. Walking across the ice bridge at the Diablerets Summit in the alps, Hiking across the Jura Mountains, (origin of the Jurassic), Crossing the Western Malagasy Desert thru the night by oxcart, Watching the Ramayana by a cast of thousands at Borobudur, Eating raw pigmeat at a traditional Torajan ceremony in Sulawesi, Dancing with Samburu Tribespeople in Northern Kenya, Coming face to face with a hungry lion in Abredares National Park, Learning how to hunt with bone arrows from a traditional Xan elder in Botswana, Listening to Fishtank Ensemble with Igor & The Red Elvises live in Red Lodge Montana, Shoe-skiing on the Paradise Glacier in the High Sierra, Wearing buckskins to teach living history with Lakota (Sioux) rangers in Grand Teton National Park.
- Charles Convis

10/17/21 12:01 PM #201    


Fernando Teixeira (Nica)

After I returned from my Exchange Program in 71, I had the chance to travel back to the US a few times. In 76, during my first year in college, studying Architecture, I traveled to Mexico for a week and from there to California. I stayed for 3 months with the McLeans again and could meet some school friends. In 1992, I traveled to Florida and NY to visit some hospital facilities, since I was working in that area at the time. After my work visiting I went to Minneapolis to meet a friend and from there to California. I visited Diane Harris (TLHS) and we traveled with her car to Las Vegas. We had a lot of fun. Also that was the year hurricane Andrew passed in Miami. I remember I bought some electronic equipments to take home and left at my friend’s house in Miami, since I had to go back there to take my flight back to Brazil. Lucky us that Andrew didn’t get to her house. In 2001, my 17 year old daughter was on her Exchange Program living in Louisiana, so I went to visit her and again to California. This time we were able to make the road trip from SF to San Diego. When we passed in Oxnard, we had the chance to visit my sister Marilyn McLean, and had lunch at her house. That was the last time I saw her. Diane Harris (TLHS), was living in San Diego and we stayed at her house for a few days before taking a train to Mexico. A few months later Diane passed with lung cancer. Very sad, but I was glad I could be with her.. After that year I went to Disney World with my kids at least 3 times. Last time in 2019. We were in Europe and Buenos Aires a few times too, in between. Now I’m planning my trip to our 50th encounter!! πŸ˜

08/22/22 09:48 AM #202    


Lori Silverman (Harvey)

Hi All, 

Looking forward to seeing any of you attending Friday night's event. Ava, you and your team have done a great job organizing so many details! There was some mention at the beginning about there being some outdoor bar access for Friday night. Since Covid is still raging, are they creating outdoor space at the bar for us?

Thank you,

Lori (Silverman) Harvey

08/22/22 01:50 PM #203    

Ava Talamantez (Cartwright)

Yes, there is access to the outside patio if anyone wants to go outdoors. But I do not believe it will be necessary as the atrium area is quite large with ceilings 5 stories high. Here is a photo of the Lounge area: Embassy has done a very nice job revamping their hotel. Hope this helps!


08/23/22 12:20 PM #204    


Charles Convis (Convis)

I'm so sorry I won't be able to make it. I have fundraising launch event for a new feature film I'm on this weekend. I also feel bad about my reply to Ava's request last October to share adventures.  Looking at it now I completely missed the tone and intent. I think I assumed they would make fun stories to tell when I came to the reunion. However, after my autism diagnosis last year I've learned it's normal for ASD people to completely misunderstand appropriate emotional tone and social norms.   We tend to say things that have nothing to do with what's going on or what people are expecting to hear.   In hopes it might help I just shared a few photos that depict some of the strange events I mentioned, and I tried to add a few more that seemed to me to be a bit more normal.  My assumption (right or not) is that some people attend reunions to see what people look like who they haven't seen in 50 years, and see what people are doing.  I hope these photos help on that wish for anyone who might have known me.  Since retiring last month I've been more active on facebook so you can also go there if you want to catch up & say hi.  Regards, Charles Convis

08/23/22 07:22 PM #205    


Levya Braman

So excited for this reunion! Looking forward to seeing where life has taken us all.

See you all soon!

Levya (Leslie) Braman

08/23/22 08:42 PM #206    

Ava Talamantez (Cartwright)

I am packing up my things and getting ready to drive up, checking my list and hoping I don't forget anything.

I'm with you Levya, I'm excited to see everyone and hope to get a chance to chat with all.  Charles saw all your photos, what a journey you have had, I would have loved chatting and getting to know more about your travels. 

Wishing everyone safe travels.

08/25/22 08:10 AM #207    


Marcie Neiger (Camacho)

Good morning,

Unfortuantely, I tested positive for Covid this morning.  Am so sorry to miss all the festivities!


Marci Neiger Camacho

08/25/22 11:15 AM #208    


Marcie Neiger (Camacho)

If anyone can use my 2 tickets please give them away. Marci

08/25/22 08:58 PM #209    

Ava Talamantez (Cartwright)

Marcie, I'm so sorry to hear that you are sick. We will miss you. Hope you get well soon. Thank you for offering your tickets to others. Ava


08/26/22 08:31 AM #210    

Jeff Ray

Marcie, so sorry to hear you are not feeling well! I will miss seeing you and Don at the reunion. Take care and get well!

08/26/22 08:41 AM #211    

Leslie Hoover (Redwine)

Best wishes for a wonderful reunion from the Iberian Peninsula! Congratulations to Ava and all others who worked tirelessly to put on the reunion!

08/26/22 08:43 AM #212    

Leslie Hoover (Redwine)

PS Apologies for the odd sentence structure; speaking Spanish and Portuguese has me thinking strangely.πŸ€ͺ

08/26/22 04:21 PM #213    

Ava Talamantez (Cartwright)

Sure will miss you, Leslie! Enjoy the Iberian Penisula!

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